Hustle is out on Netflix on June 8th –

Netflix has managed to score again with Hustle, quite literally. Pop culture has seen the growth of the word ‘hustle’ exponentially through the last few decades. So, Netflix put a film together with the best and most sought-after actors and players and laced them with a drama-infused storyline. 

Hustle runs for a total of 1 hour and 57 minutes and is packed with entertainment every second. The lead actor is Adam Sandler, which tells us that we cannot go wrong with this film.

Apart from Sandler, we get to see some pro basketball players maintain the authenticity of the storyline. We see NBA players Juancho Hernangómez, and separately, Boban MarjanovićAnthony EdwardsTrae Young Kyle LowrySeth Curry, and others in the trailer of the film. 

Hustle is out on Netflix on June 8th

The film also stars popular names such as actor and singer, Queen Latifah, who plays the wife of Stanley, Ben Foster, and Robert Duvall. Amid all the athleticism and sweat, there are moments of quiet as well. Although brief, we get to see romantic exchanges between Stanley and his wife. 

Will Fetters, the man behind A Star Is Born has co-written the storyline of Hustle and it is directed by Jeremiah Zagar. The star-studded cast and even crew have shot up the expectations of the audience, especially sports enthusiasts.  

The story follows Stanley Sugarman as he has hit rock bottom with his career. In Philadelphia 76ers, his job is of a basketball scout. He regrets not spending enough time with his family and he thinks all is done for him.  

Just then, he comes across Bo Cruz (Juancho Hernangómez) who is brimming with talent but has a tricky past. Stanley decides to bring him to the team without consulting with the team first.

Against all odds (and formalities) Bo comes back with Stanley. It is left to see how it all unravels for them. The team is preparing for NBA, will the Stanley Bo duo make it? Do they have what it takes? 

The film comes out on 8th June 2022. Watch to find out. 

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