Boss Baby: Back in the Crib Welcomes Baby Boss Back For More Power Hunger

Boss Baby: Back in the Crib, brings back the boss babies, and their hunger for more power.

Boss Baby: Back in the Crib Babies Back Into Action

Netflix and DreamWorks Animations are all ready to bring back aboard the Boss Baby again. In addition, they have officially released a brand-new trailer for the latest entry in The Boss Baby franchise. And the name of the upcoming animated series in the Boss Baby franchise is Boss Baby: Back in the Crib.

In addition, the official Netflix After School YouTube channel has released a brand-new trailer for the series. And we have noticed that many of the similar faces are making their return. We are going to see the earlier characters like the boss baby himself Theodor Templeton, as well as the whole Templeton family.

Although, most of the original voice cast will not be making their comeback. In addition, only JP Karliak and Ariana Greenblatt will be coming back to voice their roles. The new trailer is based on the inevitable power struggle going on between Theodor and Tina at Baby Corp.

Check out the trailer for Boss Baby: Back in the Crib. Click here! 

Also, the new animated series will pick up from the earlier events of the 2021 film The Boss Baby 2. The Baby Boss, Theodore Templeton, is back and is being framed for embezzlement.

And to fix the mess he has ended up in the must team up with his brother, Tom, and his nieces, Tabitha and Tina. The series is made up of only 12 episodes in total. While each one will be running only for 22-minutes.

The Babies Own Franchise Into Business

This isn’t the first series to come out in the franchise, cause of another animated series named Boss Baby: Back in Business. The series took place between the two feature films. In addition, it aired between 2018 to 2020 on Netflix.

Brandon Sawyer the executive producer, even said: “The team and I were (and are) very proud with the original series. The Boss Baby: Back in Business series.”

“We already told the young Tim and Teddy’s story. Guess! We has already squeezed the landing before we even decided to hand our baby back to the feature team. But we were curious and were looking out of the room. That’s when we saw what Tom McGrath and company were planning on doing with their feature sequel. And that’s when it occurred:  The baby woke up. And he was very hungry for more.”

The new cast for the voicing of the character are:

  • JP Karliak voicing ‘Boss Baby’ Templeton
  •  Max Mittelman voicing Tim Templeton
  • Mary Faber voicing Tina Templeton
  • Krizia Bajos voicing Carol Templeton
  • Greenblatt voicing Tabitha Templeton
  • Alex Cazares voicing JJ
  • Nicole Byer voicing NannyCam No Filter CEO Baby.

The series will also have some guest stars:

  • Andy Richter voicing Board Member Bradley
  •  Kyle Chandler voicing Ranger Safety Binkerton

Release Date And Official Synopsis

The premiere date for Boss Baby: Back in the Crib is on May 19. And it will be airing on Netflix.

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